WTVIRBridge Installation

  1. Install Hauppauge's original WinTV IR software (version 2.45 or newer is required!); or make sure that it is already properly installed.
  2. Extract the WTVIRBridge archive to a folder of your choice.
  3. Locate the Hauppauge software's folder. Usually, this is [Path to your program files]\WinTV.
  4. Copy the file irremote.dll to your WTVIRBridge folder.
  5. Uninstall Hauppauge's original WinTV IR software. This can be done in the Control Panel, "Add or Remove Programs".
  6. Run WTVIRBridge.exe. A new loading icon will appear in your system tray, changing to the WTVIRBridge tray icon after some seconds.
  7. Double-click the icon to open the main window.
  8. Activate "Start when Windows starts".

Launching Applications

You can reserve certain remote buttons to start applications, for example a WinLIRC-compatible media player. Repeat the following steps for each application.

  1. Open the WTVIRBridge main window by double-clicking the tray icon.
  2. Press the key that you want to assign to your application.
  3. Have a look at the log output. There is a new line starting with "Looking for shortcut". Afterwards, it mentions the expected name of the shortcut, for example "ModernWinTVPVR2Remote-Go"
  4. Open your WTVIRBridge folder. It contains a folder "Shortcuts". Inside of it, create a shortcut with the appropriate name, pointing to your application. If you do not know how to create shortcuts, please consider the Windows help.